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Humility begins at the heart…the whole purpose of the “Word of God” is to change our heart…what is in your heart?

Pastor Stella Aghahowa

Speaking from the book of Daniel, Chapter 2, on the subject of “Humility” (the opposite of Pride), Pastor Stella brings to light the possibility of delaying God’s plan for ones life. This meetup took place at Omega Fire Ministry Houston on Tuesday, April 29th, 2019. This heated discussion brought about a question from the book (written by Apostle Johnson Suleman), “Because I am a first born”.

Every firstborn should be careful with his ambition because the desire of the enemy is to make sure that the first born is paralyzed so that he will use him to cage the entire family.

Book: “Because I am the firstborn” (page 17)

Q & A: with Pastor Stella Aghahowa

Question: Rebeccah Worship

What can a firstborn do to act out humility, since you can unconsciously act out pride?

Answer: Pastor Stella Aghahowa

Naturally when someone is a firstborn, everyone is pushing you…Joseph (in the Bible) was not the firstborn but he was the selected King.

Listen to audio interview below, click play. What are your thoughts?

Most firstborn have the tendency of looking proud, there is usually an unconscious training from their parents that makes them self sufficient…

Book: “Because I am the firstborn” (page 24)
Front Cover

Book Title: “Because I am a first born
AuthorApostle Prof. Johnson Suleman
Number Pages: 87 Pages
Number of Chapter: 8 origninal chapters with one bonus chapter (containing 100 Prayer Points).
Date Published: September 2015
Publisher: Hosanna Publishers | PH: +234-810-646-878
ISBN: 978-987-53770-7-1
Price: $7-$10

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