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Several revelations unfold as “Pastor Stella Aghahowa” climbed the pulpit to admonish the Church Tuesday night! Below are a few of the highlights from the meetup:

Bible Verse: Judges 1:1-11 & 1 Samuel 16:1-12

Pastor Stella explained that many times, the people God use to fulfill his purpose here on Earth, do not look like people anyone would use to complete the task. More so, God never looks at the outward appearances instead, He searches the motive of the heart. She also added that for some, it may look like they are not the light of the family in fact, it may seem as if they are more of a burden than a help however (she exclaimed);

God always has the FINAL say!

To outgrow or overcome powers of your Father’s House she explained, one must grow spiritually! You need more “Power” to dominate Spiritual oppression in any family. For example:

The reason why Witches and other Principalities after “Papa” (Apostle Johnson Suleman) are all powerless, is because he grew in Power (spirtually)

Contrary to what we see and experience here on earth, their is order and hierarchy in the spirit realm. To dominate in the spirit realm requires you grow fat or be full of the anointing of God. (Isaiah 10:27) In addition, the surest way to get out of bondage she added, is to enjoy the word of God.

Aim to never have a dull moment in your walk with God, less you be trampled on by the Devil

More verses to Study: Hebrews 5:12-14 & Genesis Chapter 27

Pastor Rich Aghahowa (Husband) and Pastor Stella Aghahowa

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