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Let me tell you how to make it happen in one day

Apostle J. Suleman

Verses: Isaiah 66:8| Isaiah 65:24| Psalms 18:3| Luke 18:1| Luke 11:1| Psalms 55:16-17| Psalms 4:1| James 5:16| Mark 11:24| Psalms 145:16| Proverbs 10:24| Proverbs 11:23| Psalms 37:4| Luke 9:9| Romans 10:1| Haggai 2:7| 1 samuel 9:20| Hebrews 4:1-2| Hebrews 11:1-5

The quote above is from Day-1 of the “Open Heavens 2019” crusade in Dubi. Apostle Johnson Suleman (President), spoke vigorously on the Power of Prayer. One of the main points he drilled was that, for anyone to arrive at the place of destiny, that person must be willing (and able) to travail in prayer.

If you can travail, the Earth can bring forth in ONE day.

Apostle Suleman

Click play below to watch the powerful 8min clip.

“Open Heavens 2019” in Houston, Texas

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