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Verses: John 12:20-22| Romans 10:1,12| Romans 2:11| Colossians 3:25| Ephitians 6:9| 1 Chronicles 19:7| Matthew 3:9| Genesis 18:14| Philippians 3:21| Ephitians 3:21| Daniel 3:17| Jerimiah 32:17, 27| Genesis 2:7| Luke 3:8| Ephitians 3:20| Hebrews 4:1-4| Luke 12:4-7| Hebrews 11:16| Romans 8:29| Hebrews 13:17| Jeremiah 15:16| John 14:26| 2 Timothy 2:15| Matthew 10:20|1 Timothy 4:15| Job 42:11-12| Ezekiel 22:30| Jerimiah 5:1| Luke 6:38| Psalms 17:14|

Minister: Apostle Prof. Johnson Suleman
Date: Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

This was a live message given early today in Johannesburg, South Africa. This message features Apostle Johnson Suleman (President of OFM Worldwide), teaching on how God breaks Protocal in the life of Christians. The question he asked in the message was,

How can a Child of God begin to experience the “Divine Favour” God promised?

Apostle J. Suleman

He spent a little over an hour explaining that, their are certain individuals in the world today who steadily enjoy outstanding favour from God without any effort. More so, it has being proven many times through the Bible that God is able to pick a nobody and place them at the table with Princes’. Giving several verses in the Bible, he expressed that God only respects principles and not persons.

Apostle Suleman explained further, by encouraging the audience to stop thinking God only gets things done a certain way. He added, there are people who are able to provoke God to come into modern time and make things happen for them. He Said,

Life is not turn by turn, those who wait for their turn die before their time.

Apostle Suleman

He further established that the Bible clearly tells Believers, miracles are to be “worked out” and not waited for. He also added that, their are Angels waiting for Children of God to get the right information and do the right thing. Which compells God to fulfill the prophetic words He spoke over their lives. He also explained that, for believers to see results, they are required to mingle God’s Word with Faith.

Lastly Apostle Johnson Suleman, admonished Believers telling them that, to experience practical “divine favour” they will need Men. In other words, God ordained customized helpers. The video below is a MUST SEE! This is by far the best explanation of “divine favour” that I have seen so far. Apostle Suleman answered many silent questions. Click play below to watch.

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