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Apostle Johnson Suleman speaks of a rear dramatic angelic encounter that took place in his house, October of 2018. He explained that one Sunday morning, he woke up and got dresses too early. So he sat back in his bed to while away time. A Man in all white walked through the closed door into his room. He wanted to scream or run but the man told him not to be afraid. He sat their patiently, unable to move. The Angel told him God wanted him to change his preaching approach and focus more on the Word of God. The Angel also told him a few more prophetic revelations that is to occur in the near future and then he departed.

Apostle Suleman credits his recent groundbreaking success to that angelic visitation he experienced in October 2018. Starting from the beginning of November 2018, many began to notice a major change. At times, Apostles Suleman is seen reciting from memory, a complete book in the Bibe while preaching. And now, He averages a minimum of 25 supporting Bible verses per sermon.

Below is one of Apostle J. Suleman’s famous quotes.

If you can not recite from memory Bible verses according to the number of your age, you should be worried.

Apostle Johnson Suleman

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