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During the recently concluded “September to Remember 2019” crusade, Apostle Johnson Suleman speaks on the power of spoken words. Explaining further he added that, God originally showed him 2 Private Jets so he came on-air by faith to talk about it. He said,

God originally told me 2 Jet Planes…God told me another one will follow the 1st…

Apostle J. Suleman

Weeks ago, Apostle Suleman announced that the 2nd Private Jet arrived. He then added that God increased the number of plans He is going to bless him with to 50. He explained that God wants him to give Jet planes to his Pastors! Bringing to reality the last sentence in 1 Chronicles 17:10 which says,

….“‘Furthermore, I declare that the Lord will build a house for you—a dynasty of kings!

1 Chronicles 17:10 NLT

There is a possibility that Omega Fire Ministry Pastors are about to be the wealthiest in the world! What are your thought? Click play below to watch Apostle Johnson Suleman talk about his newest Private Jet and what to expect in the near future.

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